Why #ISupportCTE

Double funding for my early childhood program of study at Henderson County High School would expand hands-on learning experiences for learners. With increased funding, learners in my program would be able to participate in field trips to observe local early childhood settings. Additional funding would allow me to purchase 3D pregnancy models, birth model sets, infant simulators, and infant health and safety packs. These tools would expand and heighten their knowledge as they gain real-world skills.
Emily West, Instructor
Henderson High School, Kentucky
Double funding could expand the education of my video and broadcasting learners by purchasing and incorporating new industry standard equipment into lessons. We would be able to include instruction on how information technology is being woven into the broadcast industry. Funding could also help us to install fiber and Ethernet connections for broadcasting and livestreaming video between our two city high schools. This in turn could be advantageous to the learners in my video and broadcasting class because it exposes them to another career track in the media industry.
Jeffrey Leone
Nashua High School, New Hampshire
Doubling the investment for Career Technical Education (CTE) would provide opportunities for learners to expand their access to field-based experiences, hands-on classroom instructional materials, work-based learning stations and internships. Additional funding would also increase high-quality professional development for CTE teachers and administrators. It takes a team to teach, as it takes a team to learn. CTE must be more than an elective; it must be a pathway to a career choice.
Dr. Sandra Clement, Principal
Foy H. Moody High School, Texas